February 22, 2024

For the majority of people, a massage is a really special way to unwind and address the physical manifestations of stress. Well, what if I told you that having a massage could actually be an important part of your working life? There are all sorts of different techniques for boosting productivity which are being explored these days, as the workplace is changing complexion. From mindfulness programs, to abandoning the office space altogether. It’s a time of adaptation and evolution. So, let’s take a look at how massages could prove a key ingredient to boosting productivity in your work life.

Dealing With The Headache Pandemic

Headache’s have always been around, but, in the modern era, they have reached crisis point. “The average office-based employee spends all their working day looking at screens. They sit at their computer all morning, then it’s out to lunch when they’re on their phones and back for more screens in the afternoon. The result can, for many people, be a bad headache”, says Laura Herschel, massage therapist at LastMinuteWriting and ResearchPapersUK . A headache can be a debilitating thing and can throw productivity completely. But a facial massage, combined with a bit of neck work, can work wonders at reducing the likelihood of this sort of bump in the road.

Reducing The Likelihood Of Repetitive Strain Injuries

I think most people’s experience of the office life is that it’s fairly repetitive. Coming into the office and working for 9 hours a day on a limited range of tasks can be boring but it can also be dangerous. The most common repetitive task is typing at a computer which can have some really serious long-term implications, leading to issues like carpal tunnel. Any repetitive task can lead to strain, strain which can be really helped by having a massage to un-work some of the strain out of the affected areas. A lot of these issues can really affect productivity so eliminating them with a good massage is a smart way to avoid anything too serious happening.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Needing to be up early to get on your way to the office everyday can mean that the effect of a sleepless night can be majorly detrimental to, not just productivity the next day, but productivity for an entire week. Being stationary in an office building stress, mentally and physically, can be a really damaging thing if you’re trying to get a full night’s sleep. It can
take you much longer to actually get to sleep and then the quality of your rest can be affected. “Massages can act as really great ways to relax the body and prime it for sleep. If you’ve ever had a prober massage you will probably remember points when you’ve felt yourself drifting off by accident, so you can see that this would be the case”, writes Sarah
Winter, massage expert at DraftBeyond and Writinity . Sleep is vital for health, long term and short term, productivity and mental wellbeing, so it’s worth doing all you can to get it.

Thinking Power

Ever tried to figure out some complex situation when you’re stressed and under pressure? For me personally, all of my biggest misjudgments have been made when I haven’t been able to think straight because of a stressful or hostile environment. The workplace can help to compound any of the pressure that you might already be putting yourself under and cause your mind to work inefficiently, running into mental roadblocks and self-doubts left, right and center. However, if you can find a way to give yourself some space, that can often be the key to unlocking your brilliance. A massage can give you the space, the relaxation and the unpressured concentration to have your eureka moment. This will always lead to better productivity and a faster, more brilliant workplace.

In amongst all of the experimental techniques for boosting office productivity, the massage is one of the least complex and most human tools. It’s something that requires a bit of lateral thinking to get to as you search for the key to unlocking the true productivity of your office, but the results are potentially huge.


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Harry Conley works as an editor at LuckyAssignments and GumEssays, with a particular focus on training and workflow management, to help optimize his office and its productivity.

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