Anya Taylor-Joy

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, one look at British-Argentine actress Anya Taylor-Joy’s and you know this phrase to be true. In the press, she has recalled these very eyes as being the source of childhood teasing, however, they now serve as one of her greatest strengths. For those beautiful eyes have become a calling card of sorts as they bring you in to each and every one of her head turning performances. And in her burgeoning career, she has already put together a string of them.

Taylor-Joy arrived on the scene in 2015, in a film called The Witch that premiered at 2015’s Sundance Film Festival, but did not receive a wide release until 2016. After which the positive notices began to flow in. Yet, she was just getting started, 2016 also saw, Taylor-Joy star in the science-fiction-horror film, Morgan and Barry, a Netflix biopic focusing on a young Barack Obama in 1981 New York City with Anya playing one of Obama’s close friends and love interest.

But it was 2017 were she really broke through in the sleeper hit Split, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. Her character Casey Cooke is abducted by a mysterious man with no less than 24 split personalities. The film was a runaway hit and for Taylor-Joy has resulted in “it” girl status as 2017 also saw her receive a BAFTA nomination for Rising Star.
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Rising she is, in 2018 she will star in X-Men spin-off The New Mutants. In 2019, she will reprise her role in the sequel to Split called Glass which will serve, not only as a sequel, but incorporate the characters from the film Unbreakable, which starred Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis for a little world building.

Let’s just say, we are okay with being in a world where we get to look deeper into those beautiful eyes.

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