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Ana de Armas

Also making a return appearance to the list is Cuban ingénue Ana de Armas. Appearing in Blade Runner 2049 the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi cult classic Blade Runner. As the character of Joi, Ryan Gosling’s love interest, critics hailed her performance calling it “the source of most of the film’s emotional heft, and her connection with Gosling bolsters what could have been a mechanical performance into something far more compelling.”

While Hollywood is just starting to take notice of Ms. De Armas, she started to develop her resume well before teaming with Gosling and Ford. Honing her craft since the age of 16, first in independent film in her native Cuba and then in television in Spain. Yet, as she herself has stated “she doesn’t like to be stuck, not moving forward.” And move forward she did.

Ana set her sights on Hollywood. 2016 saw her appear with Keanu Reeves in the small indie film Exposed, serve as the woman behind legendary boxer Roberto Duran in the biopic Hands of Stone, and tame the frat bro’s of Todd Phillips latest in War Dogs. Yet, Blade Runner 2049 seems to have put her on a whole new plateau with the Hollywood Reporter calling her the “next big thing”.

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Speaking of next things, in 2018 she will star along-side Rosamund Pike, Common and Clive Owen in the thriller Three Seconds.  Were pretty confident 2018 will hold more time than that for us to admire this lovely Latina.

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