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This lovely Latina from the Lower East Side is no stranger to the list, having made her first appearance in 2012. In 2016 she displayed both professionally and personally why she he is here yet again. First, as ass-kicking nurse Claire Temple, Dawson has become a common thread in the Marvel and Netflix street-level hero universe, with her character appearing on the shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. What is refreshingly unique is she wears no cape, cowl nor possesses a superpower, just a good old round the way girl doing some good. Yet, it’s in the real world where she has showed her true superpowers.

As the co-founder and chairwoman of Voto Latino, Dawson was a vocal and visible presence this election year. Stumping for Bernie Sanders, advocating and seeking to raise awareness on issues such as voting rights, immigration and political donation reform. But if you think she just attends charity dinners…well you’d be wrong. Dawson has no problem with rolling up her sleeves and getting those hands dirty.
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In 2016 she took the fight to the street - literally, as she was among several protesters arrested in April in Washington, D.C. for staging sit-ins on the steps of Congress during five days of protests by a movement known as Democracy Spring. Now that’s a street level superhero!

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