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Did you know that CNN recently named 2016 as “The Year of Online Harassment”? Well, no one knows this better than Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno. You see, despite Moreno being just one a few women to ever represent Mexico in the Olympic games — she actually finished 31st in the individual all-around — because this is the Internet, during the games some undesirables decided to troll and body-shame the gymnast on social media. The comments are not worth repeating.

The reaction to it and Moreno's candor and grace in response is worth repeating and applauding. Folks didn't take this lying down and quickly jumped in to support the gymnast. The shamers were shamed when viewers and celebrities alike chimed in to defend the gymnast. A collective of Latino artists even created a series of portraits with Moreno as their subject, capturing her grace and athleticism. Yet, perhaps the best response came from Moreno herself.
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Moreno told Buzzfeed “I hardly ever pay attention to social media. As soon as I finished competing, I was flooded with tags. It really got to me... but my parents talked some sense into me... All these people were people I didn’t know, and I’d already gotten the chance to talk to people whose opinions really mattered.”

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