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HBOMax is getting in on the streaming wars and it wants the Latinx community to be a part of it. Earlier this month the network and streaming platform announced a new content vertical that would be a part of their streaming platform entitled HBOMax Pa’lante.

By providing a more diverse set of voices and stories that speak to Latinx audiences the platform hopes to broaden its reach – and subscriber base!

Yet, Pa’lante seems to aim to do what others before it have not. Embrace the entire spectrum of inclusion, not just Latinos in Latin America and not just those born and/or raised in the U.S. But by embracing being both fully Latino and fully American without having to sacrifice any part of one’s identity.

The streaming platform held a virtual launch event last week, where it brought together a myriad of influential voices in the Latinx communities. Icons and startups alike, mingled, shared their experiences and thoughts on the current cultural climate. Peep some of the evening’s highlights below.

Isabel Allende

Pa’lante led with the heavy hitters. A fireside chat with literary icon Isabel Allende.  Allende is the subject of a three-part miniseries entitled Isabel chronicling the first 50 years of the literary legend’s journey, Isabel is now airing on the platform.  Radio and television host Liz Hernandez sat with the legend to discuss the film, but also Allende’s own journey.

HBO Pa'lante Allende


The Future of Latinx Storytelling

The second panel of the evening brought together a group of Latinx producers, writers and showrunners that may not be legends. But are certainly on their way to breaking new ground in film and television. Moderated by Rosy Cordero of Entertainment Weekly, the panel included Gloria Calderon Kellet, writer and producer of shows such as One Day at a Time, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, creator of Riverdale and Cisely Saldana, producer of the upcoming Gordita Chronicles

As Latinx film and television executives in the thick of trying not just to get stories told, but Latinx stories. They shared their insights on the industry, its challenges, yet it’s promise for Latinx. 

HBO Pa'lante Latinx Storytellers

El Nuevo Mainstream

The realm of music was not left out of the show. If anything, given the dominance of Latin music on a global scale, not only was insight provided but authority. In a panel moderated by Suzy Exposito and featuring music producer Lex Barrero and recording artist Lauren Jauregui, formerly of Fifth Harmony, the two chimed in on why Latin music has become such a force – from its universality to the democratizing of distribution platforms with the likes of streaming services such as Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Yet, they also provided insight into how they came to be.  Sharing there is no magic formula. It’s often equal parts passion, work and some good old fashion luck or coincidence.

HBO Pa'lante El Nuevo Mainstream

HBOMax Pa’lante has already begun streaming content. Simply visit HBOMax.com to peruse and subscribe.

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