February 28, 2024

Frankie Quiñones was brought aboard the Entre Nos tren by the show’s host, Ben Gonzalez. “Ben Gonzalez threw my name into the pool of people that they were looking at, and next thing you know, my manager is calling me up like, ‘They want to do this thing,’ and I was like, ‘It sounds great!’”

Quiñones’ comedy stems from his upbringing with the material mostly inspired by his family and friends he says. The Mexican-American comedian uses his family not only during his stand-up, but they also inspire his sketch characters – like the Cholo fitness instructor, Creeper, and the spicy Juanita Carmelita – which he depicts on his popular “The Funny Drop” videos. Although you won’t be seeing the 11-year comedy vet clad in his Cholo getup during Entre Nos, he will be treating the audience to some true and hilarious stories of his Chicano upbringing.

“I come from a Mexican-American Chicano experience, so I just try to share stories of that,” Quiñones explained. “For instance, how my mom and dad are getting older, and they want grandkids, so they’re getting healthier now. They’re no longer eating manteca or tripas. I always talk about my family. That’s pretty much where I get most of my material.”

While the stories each comedian present may be slightly different, they all have something that is sure to resonate with each and every Latino that tunes in on October 13. It’s your story. It’s my story. It’s our story, and it’s “entre nos.”



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