The focus on immigrants during this election cycle is something that another guest star on Habla y Vota, Mexican-American political cartoonist, Lalo Alcaraz, addresses with his nationally syndicated daily comic strip titled La Cucaracha, and it’s something that he hopes will light a fire within Latino voters so that they get more involved in the race.

“What Donald Trump has done is kind of made life more dangerous for us and for my family…for any brown person out there that’s harassed by some idiot on the street who feels deputized by Trump’s words,”

Alcaraz expressed during an interview. “We have to pay attention in this election because we have to show that it’s wrong to do that and stomp that down.”

Even though, their stories and focus may slightly differ from one another, a similar belief which resonates amongst the ensemble cast of Habla y Vota is that they would like to see Latinos more dedicated to the political process. This doesn’t mean only coming out every four years for presidential elections, but also focusing on the “smaller” campaigns going on in their communities—like mayoral, city council, board of education and congressional elections—and, in essence, fixing the system from the ground up.

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