Miguel Montas


“I’ll have some baseball with that carne guisada, arroz blanco, habichuelas y maduros, por favor.” It’s not a combination you’ll hear very often. Not unless you find yourself at El Nuevo Caridad Restaurant on W. 191st and Saint Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights, one of two classic establishments owned and operated by Montas. When you cater exclusively for the New York Yankees or you get that call from Albert Pujols for his favorite dish(es), and your restaurant walls are jammed with signed photos of baseball royalty, you realize why food and baseball are always on the menu. Montas has been a staple in the restaurant business in North Manhattan for over 20 years and his enthusiasm for the game of baseball remains vibrant. An entrepreneur with a penchant for giving back, Montas’ story and themed restaurant have been featured over the years in the local press. Quiet, humble and unassuming, Montas’ personality belies a passion for excellence in delivering exceptional Dominican cuisine that keeps you hooked. With baseball just around the corner, you can say Montas resembles a pitcher in spring training. In his case, however, don’t expect fastballs, curves or sliders when you step up to the “plate.”

Miguel Montás with Steinbrenner- A

Image credit- Latinosports.com

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