You’re more than a list of skills on a piece of paper, so why not beef up your resume online and show potential employers who’s the best man for the job? Career expert Melissa Llarena, owner of career solutions firm Career Outcomes Matter LLC, gives the lowdown on how to make the best of your employable skills online and keep you ahead of the curve.

The Game Has Changed

Besides being black print on a white sheet, your resume can come alive online through various media: video, a presentation; a micro-site or a podcast; a portfolio or a blog. Think about which format is most suitable for your industry and audience, and which will leave a long-lasting impression. Remember to cover all your bases. That sophisticated video resume can lose its luster quickly if you forget to include your contact info.

The following elements are crucial for any resume that will live online:

  • Keywords that tie directly to desired roles must be listed. Scan the job description of the position you are applying for and tailor your resume accordingly. Some employers run resumes through key word searches just to eliminate candidates.
  • Print or click on the resume to see what a recruiter will see when he clicks on your link.
  • When applying online, you will often be asked to upload your resume as a file, uploading a .PDF file will help prevent formatting issues that can occur when using a word processing format such as MS Word.
  • Hyperlink where possible to make things easier for recruiters and hiring managers. Make sure the links work! Dead links can cost you everything.
  • Say the most important things on top or above the fold. Making someone scroll for what’s good isn’t fun.
  • On LinkedIn, avoid headlines that list generic job titles like analyst, marketing executive, managing director, etc.
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