Prison Scrubs Never Looked So Good

Arrivals at the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards***NO DAILY MAIL SALES***

There is an oft-quoted line in the acting industry “there are no small parts, only small actors”. If you’ve seen Diane Guerrero on the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black, you know this to be true. As Maritza Ramos, the leader of the Latina faction of the prison, the Colombian actress doesn’t get the lion’s share of screen time, but makes her supporting role memorable. So much so that you want to see more. And 2014 brought more, in the form of the second season of OITNB, a recurring role on Jane the Virgin and the indie film Emoticon. Yet, her talents extended beyond the hit television shows and films. A vocal and visible advocate for immigration reform the actress volunteers with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, a nonprofit group that advances immigrants’ rights and in 2014 she penned a very personal and touching op-ed in the Los Angeles Times detailing the plight of her family who was deported to Colombia when she was just 14 years-old. It was no surprise she was front and center at President Obama’s speech after he stopped the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. With the beauty, talent and substance, how could she not be one of the hottest Latinas of 2014?

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