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El Don

Mil Mascaras – The Man of 1,000 Masks

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease to drop opponents in a single bound is the hallmark of the original masked luchador, Mil Mascaras. With his debut in the mid-1960s the legendary wrestler blazed ...

Jimmy Smits

During the television brown out of the 1980s and 1990s when the few Latino characters that existed were drug dealers and maids, a beacon of hope existed in the form of Jimmy Smits. The actor consistently defied...

Don Francisco

Few people’s names are synonymous with a cultural phenomenon. Those who achieve such brand recognition often do so posthumously. Not so for 71 year old Don Francisco. The mastermind of the variety television sh...

El Gran Combo

Few bands can mark their success by decades. Singing about telephones, timbaleros, New York summers and brujeria has worked out well for the shining stars of the Caribbean, El Gran Combo. In 2012 they celebrate...

El Gran Campeon – Julio Cesar Chavez

Before Manny Pacquiao laid claim to the title of the “pound-for-pound” best boxer in the world, a pugilist from a previous generation would earn that title on the way to becoming not just a legend in the...
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