NEW YORK CITY (Feb. 27, 2019): Canelo Alvarez, the WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion, and Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs current IBF Middleweight World Champion, descended upon The Hard Rock Cafe in New York City ahead of their 12-round unification fight during the celebratory weekend of Cinco de Mayo. The bout will take place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas Saturday, May 4th.

So how do the respective champs feel about facing off against one another? Each had more than a few thoughts about their upcoming fight on Cinco De Mayo in the desert.


Canelo Alvarez on Jacobs

“I’ve always liked challenges, and this is not an exception. We know what Daniel Jacobs brings: his ability, his qualities, his talent. He knows how to move well in the ring. We’ll do what we always do to prepare ourselves to the fullest and to give the fans a great fight. This is not going to be an exception and we’re going to come out with our hands raised.”

“We know his style is going to be very difficult, very complicated, but at this level, that’s what you have to face. We’re prepared, we’re going to train, and we’re going to work for whatever he’s going to bring.”

“Anything can happen. We’ll go in there looking for the knockout but prepare for the 12 rounds, expecting the unexpected. We’re ready for it.”


Daniel Jacobs on Canelo Alvarez

“Much respect to Golden Boy and Canelo for accepting this fight. You’re a true champion and stepping in with another champion says a lot. I tip my hat off to you but I’m looking for a tremendous fight for the fans. Obviously my legacy is on the line. His legacy is already well-established so, for me, it’s about capturing all the titles and solidifying my legacy for my own right.”

“I never ever had it easy. I always had the long road, had to jump over hurdle after hurdle after hurdle, and when I step into the ring May 4th, that will be the last hurdle I ever have to step over because I will be declared the unified middleweight champion of the world. We have worked so hard for this moment.”

“If you understand, boxing styles make fights. You can’t automatically think that because he defeated Golovkin, he’ll beat me. Physically I’m the bigger man. Golovkin was bigger than him and I’m bigger than Golovkin. Rocky was the biggest fighter that Canelo has faced, but he didn’t possess the skill set that I have. So, that’s the difference.”

What the Men in Each Corner Have to Say

When Canelo’ head trainer Eddy Reynoso, was queried on his fighter’s chances he sounded highly confident. Reynoso stated “[a]fter Canelo, the next best middleweight is Daniel Jacobs, and we know it’s going to be a strong fight. This year, we want to sweep the middleweight division and Daniel is in the way, so he’s going to have to lose.”

Whereas, Daniel Jacob’s trainer (and father) Andre Rosier, was a bit more diplomatic in his response, telling us that “Canelo and Jacobs are two of my favorite fighters but my son [Jacobs] is my favorite fighter. We’re going to work very hard so that the last hand to be raised will be from the miracle man. He’s hungry to show the world how special he is. He’s done what no other man has done. He fears no man and has no need to. He’s been anointed as elite and come May 4th, Daniel “the miracle man” Jacobs will be the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.”

While we recognize the fight is on Cinco De Mayo, don’t be fooled, there will be enough fireworks that night to mistake it for Fourth of July!


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