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Most of us recognize working out is good for you. That’s something we can all agree on! It can be hard to motivate yourself to get up early and get to the gym every other day, but we always feel better after doing so. The results are clear when we look in the mirror. But sometimes, we can push ourselves too hard, or for too long, and we end up hurting ourselves in the process. And that’s definitely not good for your body! 

So, despite how much you think your workout routine is working out for you, it might be time to sit back and reevaluate. After all, there are quite a few signs you should be looking out for as you go about your day to day. If you can identify with any of those below for purely exercise related reasons, give yourself a break. 

The Pain is a Little Too Much

Pain is something that can hold us back. We evolved to feel pain to ensure we didn’t push ourselves too far, or put ourselves in danger. As well as to be aware that we may need medical attention. But when it comes to the gym, and a regular workout routine, we can be tricked into thinking that aches and pains are a good thing. Otherwise no gain, right? 

But not all pain is made equal. It could be a sign that you’ve made some good progress recently.  But it could also indicate you’re using poor form when lifting. Or you’ve done yourself an injury without even realizing it. Remember, always leave a buffer of a day at least before working on the same muscle group again. 

And you don’t have to be stuck with any excessive or overwhelming pain. You shouldn’t be dreading the gym because you can barely lift your arms, or you collapse after a couple minutes of walking. Take a break, have some proper rest. Do a bit of stretching to get the blood flowing again. Be sure to get in touch with a doctor. Of course, there’s always going to be a clinic nearby who can help you out. After all, Physiotherapy is one of the most common needs in the medical world, both in serious and casual situations. 

You may not think you’re in need of relaxing your muscles and getting them back into a proper, working shape, but the aches throughout your body would prove otherwise! You don’t have to be in a state of rehabilitation to get in touch with a physiotherapist. So be sure to reach out before you try to hit the gym again. 


You’re Not Sure if You’re Too Tired or Not

Most realize working out is going to tire you out at first. It’s going to be something new to your body. As you increase the intensity of your routine, it’s going to leave you feeling a bit tired for a few days. But there also comes a level when the level of tiredness is not normal. Either you’re incredibly down in the dumps, and moody to the people around you. Or you’ve been feeling tired for days on end despite how much sleep you get. 

All in all, take the time to evaluate your energy levels. If you’re someone who doesn’t get out of the gym feeling the endorphins flood you, making you feel more awake. Then it’s a good sign you’re overdoing things, or you’re not ready for the routine you’ve designed for yourself. As a general rule, you shouldn’t need to take a nap every time you workout. If you’re not feeling good at all, don’t keep pushing yourself on hoping for a change! 


Do You Feel Heavier Than Usual?

After a workout, how do you feel? Exercising is something we do to either tone up and increase muscle mass, or to try and shed a few pounds. Either way, we’re going to feel much better in ourselves afterwards.  We’ll feel lighter, stronger, and like we can move more with a lot more energy.

However, sometimes a routine will only serve to make us feel heavier than usual. And usually, this is all to do with how hard you’re pushing yourself combined with how your current diet is. 

Do you eat before you workout? Or do you only eat after? Because without that fuel in your body, there’s a good chance your brain will switch to starvation mode. This will stop the pounds from dropping off altogether. If there’s no food around, human beings would have needed to rely on their own fat stores to keep going. This means calories are burned much slower than before. That’s what could be happening in your case. 

At the same time, are you getting enough sleep? You need a good period of deep sleep overnight in order to allow your muscles to heal. If you don’t have such periods, you’re only going to experience muscle wastage. You’ll be tearing fibers but nothing will be building back up stronger.  That’s not good for your body at all! 


You Just Can’t Complete a Routine

Finally, how are you with completing your workout routines? Do you never quite manage to get to the end of one? If so, it’s time to change things up, or dial them back. There’s a good chance you’re jumping in at the deep end without knowing how to swim. That will only sever any chance you have of losing weight or improving your cardio health. Take a step back; for example, go down to the dumbbell weight just before the ones you’re currently using, and see how things go. 

Working out a little too hard is a very easy mistake to make. Make sure you’re not persisting in your doomed workout routine. It won’t do you any good in the long run, no matter how much work you put in! And always take the time to warm up before a workout!

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