As much as we love Uber and Lyft, nothing beats getting behind the wheel of your own customized car. Taking ownership of the road, turning up the dial and getting a little cruise time is an essential part of every guy’s DNA. That’s one of the big reasons that the L.A. Auto Show continues to fill up with loyal gearheads every year. And it’s the reason we continue to happily report on it.

So here you are… Enjoy The 7 Sickest Rides Of the 2016 L.A. Auto Show!

Divergent Blade 3D Printed Car

Let’s start things off with some high-tech hot wheels. Believe it or not, this year’s Auto Show was proudly displaying a sleek, purple car built from an actual 3D printer. Created by Divergent, the Blade is one-of-a-kind ride came straight from Silicon Valley (vs. the Detroit assembly line) and has an ecological touch; since it uses less pollutants than factory made materials.




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