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By Charles Watley, DigitalBizSolutions.net

In todays pandemic times “Team Capital” is certainly looking to take advantage of “Team Labor”. Did you know that you can fall prey to potential employers looking to hire employees on lesser wages? They might even refuse certain benefits to naïve employees and have no set rules around hiring and firing their team. What to do if you find yourself in such a situation?

This is where top employment lawyers can prove most useful to you. They will ensure that their clients are safe from such job-related dishonesty that some employers might attend to pull on their employees. That said, everyone should know their basic employment rights. An attorney can help you to better understand your employment status and rights. Read on to learn more about five essential employment aspects that an employment lawyer can help you with.

The Evaluation of your Employment Contract

You might have started a new job with a positive mindset. Or, you might be re-navigating your employment contract with your potential employer for the umpteenth time. Whatever the matter is, it is recommended to have an employment law lawyer to review your proposed employment contract. The professional expert is more likely to be able to read between the lines and spot any discrepancies. The discrepancies can be incomplete or vague clauses or agreements that you should be reconsidering before signing the joining letter.

You May file a Discrimination Complaint On Time

Suppose you have felt discriminated against by your employer. You may have a basis to file a workplace discrimination complaint, also known as the EEOC discrimination claim. This claim, however, needs to be filed within 180 days of your employment. Although it is perfectly possible to do it by yourself. Seeking the help of a professional expert is always recommended. This is because a legal expert is more likely to know the complexities of laws and can guide you in necessary details. They can advise you about what allegations and facts to include in your complaint. Therefore, you won’t have to unnecessarily worry about having the complaint filed improperly. However, remember that you can be barred from suing the company/ employer if you fail to do so within the allowed period.

Legal Representation

As said before, an employment law attorney knows their ways around the law and is familiar with the court proceedings. Therefore, you should keep in mind that your employment case is more likely to end up in front of a jury. However, it can also lead to mediation for some time. Whatever the point is, it might look like a temporary good idea to save some money if you decide to represent yourself – don’t do it. The truth is that with a legal representative by your side, the chances of winning the case are far higher. Suppose you are looking forward to a successful and positive outcome of your court case. In that case, having a legal representative is mandatory.

Successful Negotiation

If you feel that you can’t take the emotional strain of conversing with your company’s attorney. In this case, you can ask your employment law attorney to negotiate a settlement with your potential employer. You could also be reminiscing about some good memories that you might have had with your employer before realizing that things weren’t as good as they seemed. Whatever the matter is, you can ask your attorney to take up the cudgels and negotiate a settlement with your employer.

Reconsider Your Case

Suppose you feel like your firing was unfair and completely unwarranted. In that case, you can have an employment law lawyer scrutinize your case. This will save you from unnecessary embarrassment if the judge rules the firing as legally correct. It is recommended to consult a professional law expert on the employment matter before taking the matter to court. This can save much of your time and money.

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