August 16, 2022

A Sample Routine

Ok…so here is a sample day. First, there is the pre-designed warm up. Usually consisting of a 4ft pvc pipe used for dynamic stretching, a jog, followed by any variation of jump squats, push ups, jumping jacks, runs with a medicine ball, etc. Yeah, that’s just the warm up. That goes on for about 10 to 15 minutes. This is followed by skill/strength work! Skills being muscle up or one legged squats, strength consisting of deadlifts, squats, etc. Then its the WOD or – Workout of the Day. This is typically named after a girl because Glassman figured anything that intense that leaves you flat on your ass and staring at the ceiling should be named after a woman. No seriously, that’s why!

So What Are We Waiting For

Hold up!! This is not for everyone! In fact in my opinion at least 60% of people engaging i n CrossFit, should not be anywhere close to a box! Why? Well, we are talking about extremely difficult and technical movements that the 45 year old man who has not exercised since his JV basketball days should not be attempting! Deadlifts and squats are very complicated and when you add competition and pressure to perform you are asking for injury! With a regular circuit training routine you go from exercise to exercise without stopping like you would in CrossFit but you tailor the exercises to your level of fitness! A three day intensive, which is the usual in CrossFit does not properly teach how to deadliest.

So Then What?

Build up to CrossFit. Do this, by trying more of a bootcamp routine. Warm up by doing a five-minute jog then you go right into 20 bodyweight squats, followed by 10 pushups and 10 sit-ups. End that routine with 10 burpees. This is for beginners and works the entire body. You can do three to five rounds three times a week until you’re getting through five rounds with ease.

So, while CrossFit is a great program that is turning out amazing athletes, it’s not for everyone, at least not immediately! If your just getting back into the fitness game or are a weekend warrior, start with the basics. Find a good trainer…a bootcamp or find some beginner programs online. Make sure you feel comfortable with the moves and you are injury free before you jump into the CrossFit craze!

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