You’ve heard the term ‘balanced diet’ before and typically an image of vegetables, fruits and lean meats comes to mind. Although that may be true and it’s generally what’s recommended, balanced diet really means balancing out the types of food and drinks you consume. A balanced diet doesn’t mean you go cold turkey on the foods that you love to eat, it just means making a 1 for 1. If you eat a chocolate bar have an apple with it. If you have a bag of chips for lunch, have some lean chicken with it instead of more carbs. If you have pasta for dinner, balance it out with grilled vegetables. The trick is to not have more than one of the same things. For example, if you eat cereal in the morning, don’t have yet more carbs for lunch. You’re not really depriving yourself of food that you like, you just have to have it is opposite at the same time.

Fruit and fat

For breakfast, most people have carbs. They eat toast, cereal, a flapjack bar or perhaps some hash browns. This is usually accompanied with a cup of coffee to get them their boost for the morning. A balanced diet for breakfast would be something in the way of fruit and fat. Carbs are slow burning energy and they sit with you for a while. Sometimes it’s good to eat cereal in the morning, but too much of it will make you gain weight. Thus, something like blueberries and greek yogurt is recommended. A small plate of cheese with some cut up red and green apples is also a great choice. You get your natural sugars from the fruits to boost your sugar levels and the fat is fast-burning to help you get to lunch. 

Meat and greens

For lunchtime you will want something that is a little weighty but not too heavy. Chicken salad was made for the midday as it gives you plenty of protein but lots of minerals and vitamins too. Caesar salad is perhaps the most popular and easily made. You could also eat tuna salad as it’s the same thing; you have your proteins and your vegetables for a lighter meal. Boiled eggs along with olives, tomatoes, cooked and or dry cure meats such as antipast is a brilliant option for those that want an exotic yet lighter lunch. 

Time to go heavy

Dinner is the time of the day where you can and should go heavy with your food and drink choices. It’s when the body is about to shut down and go to sleep, so eating a hearty meal will help in the healing and repairing of cells. Lean meat is the star of the show, with either lean beef or lean lamb as the recommended choice. To go with that you can have a glass of red wine from which is good for the heart. They have complex wines like the Oh! Orgasmic Tempranillo full-bodied red wine and lesser strength wines such as the Missionary Cabernet Franc.

A balanced diet doesn’t mean missing out on the food you love to eat, but you have to pay a price. Balance out your indulgent foods with something healthy and don’t have more than one food type in one meal.

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