August 19, 2022

Netflix dropped the first teaser for Season 4 of Cobra Kai today. It confirms what fans have suspected since last season. Terry Silver will be the main villain for the latest season.

The character made his first appearance in Karate Kid Part III, played by  Thomas Ian Griffith, Silver was introduced as an old war buddy of John Kreese. He bailed out Kreese’s dojo while simultaneously torturing Daniel. While the film, was a critical and commercial disappointment, the Silver character was memorable and hard core fans have been interpreting every easter egg possible during Cobra Kai to see if Silver would make a return. 

Griffith returns to reprise the role and word has it, Season 4 will delve further Silver and Kreese backstory and friendship. And of course, you can expect them to bring a whole new brand of trouble to the lives of both Daniel and Johnny.

Season 4 of Cobra Kai drops later this year on Netflix. Until then check out the teaser here.

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