An out of the box tip for those on the start up grind – drones. When you are just getting your business off the ground manpower can be an issue. Drones can help solve that.  They can certainly be useful to help work process easier and to get the most out of a working day. 

Although they tend to have a bad attitude towards their use in the modern world, it’s likely to be the future of how we live our lives, particularly in business. Here are some tips on using drones for business.


For Agriculture

When it comes to our food, we forget that there’s more that goes on beyond the stores that we buy our food from. It has to be planted and grown by those who are experts in the field. Farmers are essential to keep all of us going, and to also have a constant supply of food source in general. With the change in climate, some crops tend to get affected by the harsh weather conditions or just the change that impacts the type of crop that the farmer is growing. Drones can, therefore, become useful with their ability to fly to a height where all crops and fields can be seen from afar. Instead of the farmer having to walk back and forth through various crop fields to monitor the growth and health of the crop, the drone can do it for them. Not only is it saving time for that farmer, but it’s also helping them spot issues before they arise or before they get worse and potentially ruin that season of crop completely. After all, the farmer’s livelihood relies on ensuring they’re able to produce the amount of supply needed to then sell onto the distributors who supply us with food.



We all want our goods delivered to us at a faster rate, and that is pretty much evident with the way platforms like Amazon, for example, who are trying to deliver packages either next day or even on the day of ordering. As technology grows, the expectation of what we desire as consumers grow with it. So eventually, we will all expect to see more delivery services being able to distribute goods on the day of ordering. Now the only way to successfully do that is to consider drones. Drones can carry a certain amount of weight and don’t need to be piloted by a human. That means you’ve got something that can travel through the air at an impressive speed and has no restrictions on when it can travel and at what point. Amazon Prime Air has already been trialed and hopefully could show the future of drones being used for the shopping industry. If you’re looking at what drone you’d like to buy, then Dronesvilla got hands on with the DJI Mavic Mini. This is said to be the most exciting drone release to date.


For Security

Security is a necessity for all of us, whether that be for our personal lives or for business. As a business, you want to ensure the safety of whatever you are producing, or selling and one way to use drones is like CCTV. CCTV is a great way of keeping an eye on your office building or work site, but it’s restrictive in that you can only see parts of it at a time. With a drone, you can fly low and high and move around with little restrictions. That means that when you want to keep a strict monitoring schedule of your building, you can do so with drones. This can also help to monitor events that you might run and also to help with filming the footage from said event if ever you need to use it as evidence. 


The Internet

The internet is something most of us need nowadays, and we can often feel lost without connection. Having drones might provide solutions to those places that are lacking internet connections and to also help widen the net in terms of signal. Drones can almost act as temporary cell towers where internet access might have been cut out or damaged. They could also be used on occasions where the mass amount of people using their phones might be too much for local cell towers to manage. It can help feed the demand that we all have for the internet, so that we’re never going without no matter where we are in the world.

Using drones in business only seems to be increasing, and who knows what technology could offer us next. See what uses you could get out of drones with your business and for the future.

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