The shape-shifting year of 2016 blessed us with music’s most Latino-style come ups, comebacks and clapbacks. With some blazing a trail and others just blazing together, listeners searched for the best by any streams necessary. Check out our ode to this year’s party guest who’s always the first to arrive and the last to leave – the music!

Snow Tha Product: Woke and Wavy

Spitting rhymes reeking of political statements and barrio life, fast-talking chicana Claudia Alexandra Feliciano aka Snow Tha Product arrived in 2016. From the tour bus to the booth she gave us Bay Area realness with her debut EP, Half Way There..Pt.1 licked with bi-lingual lyrics and the grit to match. With one hand balancing her #woke movement merch and the other still on her mother’s shoulder, Snow is ready with bars on deck for the new year. All while rocking the brows your girl wishes she had.

J Balvin: Straight Outta Medellín

Appropriately titled Energía, J Balvin had his first album to shine at #1 hitting the top of Billboard’s Latin Albums. This superstar is no stranger to Grammys or clicks with over 6 million views to date on his 2016 smash Ginza. El Colombiano is showing no signs of stopping and has collabed with some of music’s top hitters/fashion debonairness like Justin Bieber, Rick Ross and Pharell. The latter of which created the smash hit Safari. He’s sure to ring in the near year with Balvin-esque finesse scheduled for packed out performances in Puerto Rico and Mexico. Not to mention only JB can flex in the same red fox fur as Rihanna!

Messiah El Artista: Blonde Ambition

Just when you thought the search for the next reggaeton double threat was over, Messiah El Artista put himself on the forefront like a true godsend. Dominican born and Harlem bred, the self-proclaimed internet made artist has sold out some of NYC’s top spots effortlessly rapping and singing to a crowd as diverse as he is. He was featured in the laugh-out-loud track “Chapi Chapi” (with fellow ‘LLERO favs Cardi B and Loopy Blogger) and was blasted out of every sound system from the hood to la isla when he dropped his first LP, Creado En Europa. Now, with his ears to the street all eyes are on him.

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