Many people feel stuck in a rut when it comes to their careers, and often they dream about becoming their own boss and starting a new adventure in the world of business. But for many people it is having the right idea to pursue and knowing what you could make work. It can often be the hardest part, because once you do get the idea that you feel passionate about, the rest can feel like a rollercoaster journey as you go with the flow. 

The truth is, not everyone truly knows what they want to do in life at a stage where they are in the best position to make changes. We are often expected to have a clear direction when leaving school, just so that we can take on the right courses or train for the right qualifications if needed. But for a lot of people, the story doesn’t go that way and you end up in a job that just pays the bills. For some, this works out, but for others you can be left unfulfilled. Often a little inspiration is all you need, with that in mind, here are some of the on trend business ideas that could be the ideal career change for you. 


The Essential Oils Industry 

There is so much regarding the essential oils industry at the moment that there are now more avenues than ever to make a business from it. More people are focused on self care and wellbeing, and this is only great for their own development. But as a person who wants to change their job, it could also be the ideal industry to work in. It could be that you want to train and work for yourself, offering up different holistic treatments that use essential oils. Or maybe you like the ideal of selling them as part of an online store. There are many different options to consider, but it is certainly an industry that is likely to continue to thrive into the future. 


Mindset Coaching

On the mindset side of things you can go down the servicing route where you could offer up life coaching, blogs dedicated to the subject and even share your insight through YouTube videos. With a focus on self care beings so evident right now, people are far more aware of their mindset and how they feel. This is when things like hypnotherapy or even counselling based therapies can be a great way to share your skills and knowledge and also have a job that you feel passionate about. Even working in the local community halls with different classes could be away to start off small. 


The Food Industry 

Maybe you like the idea of working in the food industry. Everyone has to eat, and with more people being open-minded to new cuisines, flavour combinations and things to try, it could be the ideal time to work within this industry. With there being such a huge trend on things like food such as restaurants dedicating themselves to lifestyle choices like vegan or being gluten free, to there being a real focus around using locally sourced ingredients to having the perfect “insta-worthy” restaurant. These are all things you can work on to create a wonderful business opportunity. 


Becoming a Digital Influencer 

Years ago, ask someone about a blog and they would have probably looked at you blankly. If you mentioned you made YouTube videos in your bedroom they would have probably thought you as strange. But fast track to today and you can actually make a career out of blogging and being something they call a digital influencer. It sounds strange, but sharing your knowledge and discussing things can actually be a great way for brands to advertise their products. Which is why some bloggers are now making thousands a month through various different contracts and ambassadorships. There are a number of avenues you can try. You could create an online blog, where you write up articles and share them for your readers. Combining words with pictures and imagery. You could look at creating video content, and not only share it on YouTube, but also on social media. Captioning the videos and adding depth through description services can be a great tool to take advantage of. Last of all, you could focus solely on social media. Sharing with an engaged and already established audience. 


Going Freelance

Maybe you like what you do right now. Perhaps you have landed on your feet in a work in an industry you have grown ton feel passionate about, and have gained a lot of knowledge of it. This might be in the world of accountancy, content creation for a digital focus, or maybe even in the childcare or education industry. Going freelance or starting your own business based on the industry you work in is fast becoming something that people do these days. Working for yourself gives you great flexibility and power, and allows you to pick and choose the work that you do, alongside being able to work the hours and times that suit you best. You can work from home in the early stages, and build up from there, and it could certainly give you a fantastic business opportunity to work towards. 


The Health and Fitness Sector

Finally, the last “on trend” business idea to explore is the health and fitness sector. Using your passion in this industry against other aspects like sharing workouts on YouTube or setting up your own classes and fitness plans can actually be a very credible business. Look at Joe Wicks, he started out on Instagram sharing fifteen second videos of recipes and now his famous “Lean In Fifteen” books have made him millions. He isn’t the only example either, and he combines his love of food with fitness and lifestyle posts he shares with millions. Worth thinking about, don’t you think? However, even if you decide to freelance in your local gym to begin with, we all start somewhere. 

Let’s hope that this has inspired you with some business ideas of your own.

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