I Am Not Your Negro

If there ever were a time for all men of color in the United States to watch a documentary – this is it. I Am Not Your Negro is a docu-essay narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Based on an unfinished assignment that famed author James Baldwin turned down in the late ’70’s. The vision for the unfinished work was a look back at the lives and deaths of Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King based on Baldwin’s personal experiences with them. The documentary incorporates old speeches, news clippings and interviews by Baldwin. Trust us, this is required viewing for any man of color.
Why It’s Guy worthy – No great leap to say race relations in the U.S. are tenuous at best. If you don’t know your past you are bound to repeat it.

John Wick, Chapter 2

Were psyched about this one. Keanu Reeves returns as titular anti-hero, now retired assassin John Wick. The first film was a sleeper hit, achieving cult-status among the fanboy crowd. Although no one was clamoring for sequel, the second looks like the franchise is just about to hit its stride (think how Rambo: First Blood Part II, was better than First Blood). With Lawrence Fishburne joining in for a little Neo and Morpheus reunion, how can you resist.
Why It’s Guy worthy – Good old channel five karate/kung-fu fun. Plus, Neo and Morpheus are back together.

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