Labor Day has passed and that means another college football season has kicked off. The 2017 NCAA Football season is already a special one. The talent gracing the gridiron this year will be fun to watch from top to bottom, especially in terms of Latino players. Latino’s have made their mark in college football over the last few years, and last year’s group definitely made their presence felt. For 2017, another group of Latino men are ready to step in and take the game by storm.
Here are the game changers for the 2017 season….

Braxton Berrios, Wide Receiver, University of Miami

After only seeing samples of production from this 21-year-old over the three previous seasons, this senior is primed for breakout year in 2017. Berrios, a Puerto Rican from Raleigh, North Carolina, has caught 48 passes for 531 yards and six touchdowns in a Hurricanes uniform thus far. After losing five offensive playmakers from last season’s team, Berrios is ready to step into a starters role to help replace those players. If No. 16 Miami hopes to keep pace with the likes of Florida State and Clemson in the always-difficult Atlantic Coast Conference, Berrios will have to play at an All-American level and add his name to the long list of great Hurricanes wide receivers.

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