Last night’s episode of Power, “We’re in This Together” opens with Ghost making the most of time inside by pumping some iron and continuing to fend off prison guards aka Charlie Murphy. While on the outside Uncle Tommy continues to look after Ghost’s brood. Over at the prosecution’s office, they are at one another’s throats after the DNA loss and are scrambling for a new angle. While Team Ghost looks to get the gun evidence tossed and continue to chip away at the prosecution’s case, but not before having some snarky back and forth themselves.

In gangland, Julio’s working distro collections with Cristobal’s crew and learns about Tommy’s road rage incident with Domingo. Cristobal realizes Tommy and Julio may not be on the same page and questions whether he’s deserving of respect. When Julio questions Tommy about it he gets even more heat and learns of Dre’s angling as well. Damn, Julio’s getting challenged from both ends! Proctor meets with Tommy and downloads the Tony Teresi shakedown. Tommy, while not happy about the developments doesn’t seem to be rattled and looks like he’s got it covered.

Tommy makes the delivery as instructed and has some back and forth with an old school gangster, really as pretext to get some leverage over Teresi and put an end to this shakedown. The colorful exchange adds more intrigue to the Teresi subplot. The big question coloring this whole story line is how Tommy and Teresi are connected because clearly, they are. To blow off steam Tommy pays LaKeisha a visit to do what they do best – smash. He then meets up with Proctor to drop off a recording he made of the visit which Proctor in turn drops off to Ghost.

Across town Angela keeps working Tasha and some cracks in the armor are starting to come to light – Tasha didn’t know about the deal offered to Ghost. So Tasha has a nice visit to Ghost where she calls him out on holding back on the deal. She further checks him on his tactics and how he better get with the program. Short but effective visit. In court Proctor goes on the offense looking to get the gun tossed and in doing so argues SAC Terry Donovan is actually the mole which enrages him enough to lose it in court, thus eliminating him as a viable witness going forward. Win for Proctor! In the clink Teresi tries to squeeze Ghost for more money and a meeting with Tommy. When Ghost uses the intel on the recording, its game over for Teresi, unless of course he wants to endanger his wife. Win for Ghost!

These wins are short lived. Proctor ever the proactive attorney, continues his aggressive stance by reaching out to Markham and learns about the tape Markham has incriminating Ghost and Tommy. Proctor meets Markham and hears the tape. Proctor nails the theory that the mole isn’t Knox, but someone else and if they can point to that, Ghost goes free and Knox is exonerated. Win, win for both, but when Markham plays the rest of the tape Proctor learns Tommy also killed Ruiz. Then in pops Tommy and kills Markham – the episode has its WTF moment! Things just got seriously messy for Team Ghost.

On the home front Tasha discovers her kid’s tuition payment bounced. The feds show up and close Lakeisha’s shop down. The feds then close Truth down. Clearly the feds are squeezing Ghost and Tommy financially. But then the prosecution makes an argument that Proctor has a conflict of interest and should be withdrawn from the case. Proctor is forced to withdraw as Ghost attorney. Win for the prosecution! But not before Proctor manages to get the gun tossed from evidence.

Proctor, breaks the news to Ghost. He’s got to rely on Silver now. He then drunkenly pays a visit to Angela and lets her know how much Ghost laid on the line for her, much to Proctor’s dismay, and that the gun aka the murder weapon came back clean and clearly isn’t Ghost’s. Angela puts up a front, but she is clearly shook. She decides to review the footage of Ghost’s office, where she sees 1. that Sandoval was the last person to review the footage and 2. Ghost didn’t hide a gun. Our second and final WTF moment of the episode.

Episode Highlights

When Julio questions Tommy about Domingo –
“Oh, the Dominican Shrek…handicapped people get all the best parking spots.”

When Proctor and Silver try to characterize Ghost past –
“So, your Mother Theresa in Armani. No, he’s a one-man homeboy industry.”

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