August 19, 2022

Educate our Children

Our children are perhaps the most vulnerable during these times. They don’t understand how from one moment to the next, people within their own neighborhoods and schools suddenly see them as less. The best defense of this is to educate our children and teach them they are important, they are valued and deserve to be respected. We must teach them how to defend their position within our society. We must also do more work to teach them about their rich cultural history, the contributions people like them have made to this country, and that this is THEIR country. We must teach them how our government works, and how they can get involved, years before they are eligible to vote. Teach them to stand for themselves and for others and that no one deserves to be bullied for any reason.

Know the Other Side

We may not agree with it, but we should listen closely to the arguments and experiences of those from the other side. Understanding the motivations and thought processes of Trump’s America will help protect us from being taken by surprise again.

Prepare for 2018 and 2020. NOW

We must create a pipeline of good, qualified candidates to promote and support for the midterm elections. We can no longer be active every four years, as we’ve already seen, there are those who will influence decisions before then. Congressional seats are open in 2018, the Presidency in 2020.

Regardless of what happens, we will need to live and work in this America. Although we must recognize that the forces that wish to change the course of progress are not going away, by actively educating, empowering, and supporting our communities, we can guarantee that neither are we.

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About The Author

Miguel Guadalupe is a writer, father, husband and South Bronx-born New Jerseyite. Miguel also writes for The Huffington Post and has also had his work featured on, and He is currently writing a novel, and manages several of Facebook groups in support for Latino fatherhood, including Papi: The Latino Dads Group.

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