August 19, 2022

ca. 1980-2001

Know Our Rights

We all have inalienable rights of speech and assembly, and yes, even the right to bear arms. Should we decide to take an active role in opposing the new regime, we have to know what the law allows – and what it does not. Effective advocacy and activism comes with understand the rules, and how they can be acted upon.

Let’s also know how our local system works. Let’s get ourselves into the city council meetings, the school board meetings, the local town halls. All politics are local, and the right (and “Alt Right”) have perfected this practice of controlling localities to eventually influence larger contests. Our presence and participation will contribute much more than our debating in the blogosphere.

Stand Up for Yourself and Others

If we see someone being harassed, we need to stand up and be loud. Condemn their actions, call the police, and record them for evidence. We need to stand next to our brothers and sisters and let them know they are not alone. Standing up may also mean taking to the streets in protest. It may mean writing our representatives. It may mean filling the airwaves with calls for change and progress. We don’t have to be silent and we don’t have to just take it. Know that no one will value our communities unless we defend that value ourselves.

Form Strong Communities and Alliances

A strong community cannot survive in a silo. We cannot continue to ignore that we all have a common struggle. Latinos can no longer splinter by country of origin. Blacks and Latinos must ensure Asians, Native Americans and Muslims also have a seat at the table and walk side by side with them. All of us must understand that our struggle also includes the struggles of those experiencing sexism and gender and sexual identity inequality. We must also look for and accept alliances from those outside of these groups who want to help and are willing to do the work.

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About The Author

Miguel Guadalupe is a writer, father, husband and South Bronx-born New Jerseyite. Miguel also writes for The Huffington Post and has also had his work featured on, and He is currently writing a novel, and manages several of Facebook groups in support for Latino fatherhood, including Papi: The Latino Dads Group.

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