In the unlikeliest of collaborations, this week, adidas announced a partnership with cable giant HBO. The end product – a line of running shoes inspired by the television series Game of Thrones.

The impact of the mega hit Game of Thrones is undeniable. With the final season set to drop in just one month, adidas has reimagined the iconic houses and characters of Westeros in sneaker form.

What House Do You Rep?

The collaboration features a collection of several limited-edition Ultraboost, each designed to represent the characteristics, colors and details of the heroes and villains to which they refer.

House of Lannister

Adorned with the Lannister color guard of crimson and gold. This set of kicks represents the family that always pays its debts.

House of Stark

The King of the North has a shoe worthy of its title. Adorned in winter white, with touches of charcoal on the heel and toe, representative of the tough terrain that the House of Stark rules over. Also, a sneaker worthy of someone who perhaps will one day sit on the throne.


House of Targaryen

Anyone belonging to a family that counts the Mad King and Daenyrs Targaryen among its members, best have a proper sneaker. Detailed with a fire inspired front the sneaker clearly says Mother of Dragons.


The Nights Watch

The full black is clearly representative of the garb worn by the watchers of the wall. Make no mistake, this is a sneaker that the warrior of the wall will need to fend off the White Walkers.

White Walkers

Speaking off. No Game of Thrones capsule would be complete without a nod to the biggest antagonist of the show. The ice white that runs throughout ensures this is a White Walker shoe.

Are They Worthy of the Throne?

Yes, my lord. They are. Each shoe in the collection features signature BOOST midsole technology for energy return. A Primeknit upper for lightweight performance. Finally there is the iconic heel counter for adaptability and support, as well as a variety of extravagant materials on the shoes. Just in case someone asks you to “bend the knee”!

Of the collection, General Manager of adidas Running , Alberto Uncini Manganelli, said: “Collaborations with franchises like Game of Thrones are part of our DNA. When brands and television series alike are able to move beyond their primary platform and spill into popular culture, we see inspiration. The project is yet another example of our open source strategy by which we treat our most iconic silhouettes as a canvas upon which we can tell a story.” HBO apparently feels the same, telling us that “the Ultraboost x Game of Thrones collection represents the fusion of two powerhouse brands in a form that is sure to be highly sought after by athletes, sneakerheads, fashionistas and Game of Thrones fans alike.

When and Where Can You Get Them?

The limited-edition adidas x Game of Thrones Ultraboost will be available exclusively at, via the adidas app and at select retailers from March 22nd, 2019 for $180.

For more information, visit adidas Ultraboost

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