Talk about grind! On the same day as Ozuna capped off a performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade he also dropped a video for his latest track “Fantasia”. 

The video isn’t your average reggaeton visual. In this outing Ozuna goes Blade Runner on us. According to the official description:

Fantasia Chapter 1 A violent geostorm of wind, dust and smoke rages through a dystopian city. We find Ozuna overlooking the city outside the window as the world implodes below. Huge dust storms, overtakes his home planet. Ozuna than turns to find that his wife’s face and hair has become breath taking galaxies. The stars that make up his wife’s body begin to burst one by one until she’s completely disappeared. He knows where he has to go… Ozuna begins his journey through the streets, finds his hovercraft through the outskirts. As he travels, behind him the city implodes, destroyed by storm and lightning. When the light clears he finds a spaceship and begins his journey.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the video is clearly a departure from the typical fare found in the genre. Also, the setting, color palette and overall science fiction theme clearly are influenced by the films of the Blade Runner franchise. Yet, it seems to work. Kudos to Ozuna for continually looking to evolve in his videos thematically. Peep Fantasia here.

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