Beauty, brains, talent — every man is looking for a woman who has it all. Even if these women might seem like a magical unicorn, ‘LLERO knows they exist. Maybe “SHE” is your vecina, the one who got away, or your sister’s BFF. So right here, we’ll be turning the spotlight on the ladies that we all know and love because we know that “SHE” means She Has Everything.

“Work hard, play hard,”

Is a saying we all hear time and again. New Jersey native, Nicollette Manresa, doesn’t just hear this motto — she lives it. The half Cubana y Puertorriqueña has a lifestyle, an ambition and an energy that is truly admirable.

A recent grad of Bergen Community College where she received a degree in psychology, Nicollette also bartends full-time at Son Cubano and Ozbar (the latter a family owned business). But it doesn’t stop there. She is also teaching art at a camp for autistic children this summer, and is preparing to return school in the fall for her Bachelor’s degree in Art Therapy. Why?

“Art is a progressive way for kids to express themselves — through their art they can give more insight into their lives,” she says. When I ask her, “When do you ever sleep??” She laughs, “Never! I never sleep.”

There’s a clear sense of purpose in all that Nicollette does. She already has a plan for what she will do after receiving her Bachelor’s. This Jersey girl wants to be a psychologist for elementary level children. Here’s what else you want to know about this ambitious lady…

‘LL: What would people be surprised to know about you?
NM: What people might find surprising about me is how I have an old soul. I am your typical 22-year-old New Jersey girl. I go to school, I work hard and I hang out with my friends. However, I still find time to go to freestyle concerts with my mom because we both love [artists like] Judy Torres and Rob Base. I love classic disco and what I like to call “real” music that just makes you dance and feel good.

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