February 9, 2023

Beauty, brains, talent — every man is looking for a woman who has it all. Even if these women might seem like a magical unicorn, `LLERO knows they exist. Maybe “SHE” is your vecina, the one who got away, or your sister’s BFF. So right here, we’ll be turning the spotlight on the ladies that we all know and love because we know that “SHE” means She Has Everything.

Meet Hollywood’s latest obsession: Monica Blanco. To be a bit more precise, Monica’s company, Colour Couture, is in big demand — steadily taking the sunless tanning world by storm. Founded six years ago, on a hunch and a dream, Colour Couture and its signature line of products have been featured in Latina magazine, Fitness magazine, and on The Wendy Williams Show, to name just a few.

The main source of motivation for the Los Angeles Mexicana is simple: her two daughters.

“Everything I do is for them; I want them to know they can do whatever they want,” she explains, “I want to set an example and show them that they can be independent and not rely on a man to take care of them.”

Yet, Colour Couture also serves to paint a clearer picture of who Monica Blanco is, because it’s not just about profits. Part of the company’s goal is to create opportunities for other women to start their own business by providing hands-on training to certify specialists in the unique Color Couture application technique. “Having the influence of strong women is important for females,” she says.

There’s no doubt that growing up in a Latino family greatly influenced Monica’s drive and passion. She explains that she was raised watching her family members “work their butts off.” This work ethic drove her to not only start the company but to be involved in every step of the process.

Of course there was fear in her decision to launch her own business but the support and advice she received from her family gave her the courage and motivation to pursue her dream. Something she always remembers from her father, “he also said to me, sometimes you’re afraid to fall when you take a leap, but instead of thinking that you will fall, think that you’ll fly.’”

Check out what else you should know about this woman who is certainly flying.

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