February 5, 2023

Triangle Fold
Quite a popular fold, also referred to as the “one point” fold. It is usually worn with your every day conservative single breasted suit. As with the square fold, cotton and linen pocket squares are best for this type of fold because of the structure.

How To Prepare a Triangle Fold
Step 1 – Lay your pocket square down flat, but rather than lay it down to appear as a square, lay it down so it looks like a baseball diamond.
Step 2 – Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner (think of folding home plate to meet second base). Your pocket square should now look like a triangle.
Step 3 – Fold the left corner to right center (think third base meets first base).
Step 4 – Fold the right corner to left center (think first base meets third base).
Step 5 – Your pocket square should now look like a rectangle with triangle on top.
Step 6 – Insert into suit jacket pocket triangle side down.

For a more detailed demonstration see the video below.

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