At one time or another it has probably happened to all of us. We get dressed for work; an interview or that special event with a crisp new suit. We look at ourselves in the mirror, and think…damn…that’s pretty sharp. Your mojo is flowing and then you arrive at your destination and realize your just one of many countless suits. Want to stand out, but in a good way? Try the simple yet effective pocket square. Thanks to shows like Mad Men, the pocket square has made a prominent return to men’s fashion. More importantly it’s a subtle way to help you stand out in the deep blue sartorial sea. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

One Style Does Not Fit All
There are many pocket square styles but all variations are born from one of the four basic types. The “square” fold, the “triangle” fold, the “multi-pointed” fold and the “puffed” fold.

Square Fold
Also goes by the name “straight” and/or “architect” fold, the square fold is as straight-forward as it gets and goes well with formal dress wear and slim cut suits (think classic two-button jacket with a vent and tapered slacks). According to Kimberly Law, personal image consultant and founder of Personal Impact Image Consulting, cotton or linen pocket squares are the best material for this type of fold as they are stiffer and provide the durability required for this type of structured fold.

How To Prepare a Square Fold
Step 1 – Lay your pocket square down flat.
Step 2 – Fold the left side over to the right, so the square is now in the shape of a rectangle.
Step 3 – Fold the bottom of the rectangle up to the top, but be sure to leave ½ inch of space before the end of the square.
Step 4 – Ready to insert into suit jacket pocket.

For a more detailed demonstration see the video below.

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