February 5, 2023

The Small Knot

The Small Knot is considered the easiest of all the knots. But don’t use it on collars that are long or wide-spaced as it will make the knot appear even smaller and ruin any type of symmetry. To prepare this knot, put the tie in place around your neck then twist the wide end 180°. To avoid doing the twist you can simply place your tie around your neck back to front. The wide end needs to be longer than the narrow end.

Step 1: Under the collar, lay the wide end over the narrow end.
Step 2: Now run the wide end over the layover.
Step 3: Hold the layover with one hand and run the wide end behind the layover and up. Smooth out the wide end and slide it down through the loop of the layover.
Step 4: Adjust the knot, sliding it up to your collar.

FYI: As with the Windsor Knot, the Small Knot is better suited for tall men or men with wide chests and/or wide necks. Not much guess work as far as tie fabric goes. Standard or thick fabrics both work well.

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