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Get Romantic

While she’s juggling feedings, diaper changes and tummy time, sex is literally the last thing she’ll be thinking about. So, it’s your job to remind her! Make her dinner (ordering take out counts) and crack open a bottle of her fave vino. And if she’s down with it get all Fabio and set up a bubble bath with scented candles and mood music. Whatever works and shows her that you A.) care and B.) are two people who used to paw at each other like a couple of teenagers. How do you think that baby got here in the first place?

Go Slow

Once you’ve got her in the right state of mind, don’t immediately go in for the kill. Remember that her body is still healing from childbirth whether the baby cannonballed out of her vag or she had to have a c-section. Regardless it’s a big physical change and the first time you have sex post-baby really does feel like your first time ever … all over again. Give her time to get warmed up, turned on and into the physical act. Be patient, be kind and use lots and lots of lube.

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