Exercise is something that some of us just don’t like. Not only do you have to get all sweaty – while surrounded by loads of sweaty strangers – but you also have to work so hard, and it’s pretty tiring when you could just be at home enjoying a pizza and watching the game. However, there are plenty of benefits to working out, including the fact that you will be less tired, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll look great. But how do you get into exercise if you’re just not a fan of it? Here are some simple ideas.

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Go with friends

If you’re trying to avoid the gym at all costs because you don’t want to go alone, then we get you. It could be embarrassing, and you don’t want to make yourself look like you have no idea what’s going on, do you? (Note: if you don’t want to go alone because you’re afraid of this, then don’t sweat it. Everybody has to start somewhere!). However, you may feel a little more comfortable with friends, particularly those who are used to working out. This way, you can find out from them what you’re actually supposed to do with all of the equipment, and you’ll feel a lot less like you’ve just been thrown in at the exercise deep end. Win-win.

Listen to music

One way to make sure that you’re enjoying exercise more is to listen to some music. Going on a run, for example, is just not as exciting if you haven’t got some fast-paced music, which can also help to tell you how fast you should be running. There are plenty of playlists out there tailored to different running speeds, to help you to keep going when it matters the most. Look into websites that offer free music download, and see what their existing playlists are like. You can always make your own, by trying out some different types of music when you’re working out, and seeing what really helps you to keep going, when you need it the most.

Don’t go in too hard

While many of us jump on the exercise bandwagon, get obsessed, and then drop it within a week or so, this isn’t a great idea if you want to make a lifestyle change. The key here is to go slow and steady, and to make sure that you don’t take on so many workouts that you end up actually hating exercise forever. Working out is one of those things that takes a while to get into, and some strong commitment, so don’t expect results straight away, or that you can get to your perfect level of fitness within a week. Start off slow, but consistent, and when you’re more comfortable, you can up your workouts and push yourself a little more.

So, if you’re not usually one for exercise, but you want to get into it, then try out some of these things. Before you know it, you’ll be out there fighting fit, with a set of abs that anybody would be jealous of.

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