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This actress first appeared on our list in 2014. Back then we took notice, as she charmed us in her roles as street-savvy Maritza Ramos on the critically acclaimed show Orange is the New Black and as BFF extraordinaire Lina on Jane the Virgin. However, in 2016 she upped her game adding published author and immigration rights activist to her repertoire. Releasing In the Country We Love: The True Story of a Family Divided, Guerrero chronicled her personal experience with immigration telling the ordeal of having her parents deported back to Colombia at the age of 14, leaving her to fend for herself alone here in the U.S. in order to pursue her dreams.

The book isn’t your typical tome, it is candid in nature revealing a devastating time that led Guerrero into a period of depression and self-hate. But it’s also the endearing story of how she triumphed over it all and made it through, becoming a leading voice for immigration reform along the way. Guerrero told 'LLERO one of the goals for the book was that "I really wanted to change the culture in which we look at immigrants and undocumented people in this country. This is a human issue not just a political issue and I experienced this first hand."
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Many a celebrity would simply stump for their book and be done with it, however, Guerrero has continued on using her story as an opportunity for immigration rights activism, lobbying for legislation and increasing awareness by lending her support to groups such as Mi Familia Vota and the Immigration Legal Resource Center. Talented, beautiful, intelligent and politically active. Now that’s hot!

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