The tie slide differs from the tie-clasp in that it lacks the clasp feature, rather than clipping the tie to the dress shirt, it simply holds them together in much the way a paper-clip would.
Tie Clasp

Some Extra Tips

Generally speaking, the tie-clip will usually be made of metal with an eye-catching pattern or plain design. As with most men’s clothing, the plainer the tie-clip the more suitable it will be for formal events. The more intricate the design, the more casual the tie-clip will become. Once upon a time, the decorative pattern on the clip denoted membership or affiliation with an organization – however, nowadays most people are unfamiliar with the military aspect, so just look for a design or pattern that catches your eye.

Tie clips vary in styles and price, primarily due to composition. Clips with a gold or silver “effect” – meaning the tie clip is not made from sterling silver or solid gold – will usually be significantly less expensive. Generally speaking, most men’s shops will feature a wide range of tie-clips. One popular style is the silver and gold “engine-turned” tie clip that can be engraved with your initials. However, for sterling silver or solid gold clips, generally be prepared to pay upwards of $100.00.

For something with a little more flair, consider going vintage. Thrift shops have loads of tie-clips in stock at bargain prices. With some stock dating back to the golden age of the tie-bar, you’re bound to find a tie-clip with some character and maybe worth more than you bargained for. In style terms think of it as stumbling upon that Roberto Clemente or Fernando Valenzuela rookie card at a garage sale.

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