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NFL Game Changers

The 2014-15 NFL season is about to kick-off. Maybe the melodrama that draws Hispanics to novelas is what also makes the NFL so appealing: action, deep voice-overs and over the top story lines that culminate in ...

Can Maidana Crack the May-vinci Code?

It’s that time of year again. The Floyd Mayweather, Jr. machine will roll into the MGM Grand, and give the Las Vegas economy a nice bump in the process. Mayweather is coming off a career best win against Canelo...

Canelo v. Angulo – Toe-to-Toe

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_8Sv_4cad0 What a difference six months makes. In September of 2013 Canelo was considered by many as the “chosen one,” destined to dethrone Floyd Mayweather. At the time Alfr...

A-Rod – Guilty Until Proven Innocent

A-Rod, once considered the best player in Major League Baseball, yet is now at the center of another scandal involving performance-enhancing drugs. After his well-chronicled admission of PED use and his very pu...

Is Canelo “The One”? Or Another One?

“I’m not a fucking sparring partner. I’m fucking Floyd Mayweather and I can fucking fight.”   As you may surmise, these words were uttered from Floyd Mayweather in response to a reporter’s inquiry ...
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