Ahead of his debut at Madison Square Garden on December 15th, Canelo Alvarez and his trainers Eddie and Chepo Reynoso fielded questions from the media. Team Canelo talked their immediate opponent Rocky Fielding, future bouts with GGG and Floyd Mayweather, boxing history and Canelo’s place in it.

On Another Floyd Mayweather Bout…


“I’m a more complete fighter now. I would be much more competitive. I have a lot more experience. I have improved a lot, so it would be different.

It was experience who defeated me that night and that’s why it was a boring fight, as well, because he didn’t do too much to me, either. It was experience and I’m a much more mature fighter. I’m a better fighter than the fighter that fought that night.

It would be very different. After Mayweather, we’ve faced very good fighters. We fought Miguel Cotto, GGG twice. It will be different, and he’s a more complete fighter now with more experience. If this fight were to happen again, we would defeat him, no problem.”

On What Weight Class He Would Face Mayweather…


“I can’t go down further than 160 pounds. If that fight were to take place, it would have to be at 160 pounds.”

On Another Fight with GGG on DAZN…


“[GGG] can do whatever he wants and he can do whatever is convenient for him. I did my thing, so to each his own.
And regarding the fights we’ll see in the future. Like I said, I’m all willing to make a third fight, if we made two, I’ll make a third one.”


On the Upcoming Rocky Fielding…

Eddy Reynoso:

“We’ll be moving up in weight, and when a boxer does that, he’s basically experimenting. We know that we have a great fighter in front of us and that Canelo will be preparing well, so height won’t be a problem to us. He’ll adapt to those type of fighters and he has worked with those type of boxers throughout his career. I have no doubt that he’ll be successful in this fight.”


“You know, it doesn’t worry me, the height difference. We are working toward that. We will be working to get into it to guard. So it doesn’t worry to me at all. I’m a fighter who can adapt, and that’s what I’ll be doing when I fight him.”

“Winning by a KO is always impressive, and I am preparing to make the best of it in this fight by any way, by any means necessary. I’m going to give everything in the ring, and I’m always going to look for the KO as I do in my fights. Of I do, that’s good, and if not, I’ll just make sure I give a good fight to the fans at Madison Square Garden.”

On Fighting at Madison Square Garden…


“I would like it to be the first of many fights there. To fight in New York is another landmark in my career and is another important story in my career. I would like to fight there, and instead of being the first or the last, I want it to be the first of many more.”

On Canelo’s Place in Boxing History…


“It’s very important to be in that list of about ten Mexicans to become three-division world champions, so very important to enter history. That’s why I’m here taking on this important fight, and it’s important that we win this title.”

Chepo Reynoso:

“I think it’s not the moment yet. He’s still making history. When he finishes, history will put him where he corresponds.

Right now, it’s premature because he’s too young and has too many years ahead of him. It would even be a lack of perspective to answer the question for the greatest fighters in history.

So right now he’s doing his job and when he’s done, the people making those lists can put him where he corresponds, so it’s important to keep winning. It’s too premature to make that call now, but in the future, people in charge of that will put him where he corresponds.”

Canelo Alvarez faces Rocky Fielding for the Super Middleweight title on December 15th at Madison Square Garden.

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