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Actress Katherine Castro’s Second Act

Rare is the person who pursues their childhood dreams of landing on the moon or chasing fires. Katherine Castro, a Dominican actress and film producer, is one of those rarities. Castro showed early signs of wha...

Sabado Gigante Hasta Siempre

“Life continues. And because of that, all I want to say in the end is: 'Sábado Gigante,' hasta siempre, buenas noches.” Those were Don Francisco’s parting words on Saturday September 19, 2015 after spending 5...

Latino Talent Lights Up ABC Fall TV Schedule

Summer’s end is always a downer but it means one great thing: a new season of binge-worthy television! This fall ABC has got things on lock. The Disney-owned network has already taken ownership of Thursday ni...

12 Latino Superheroes You Need to Know

Love the film or hate it, one of the biggest storylines of the Fantastic Four reboot has been Michael B. Jordan taking on the mantle of Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch. Not only has this casting raised eyebrow...


The official red-band trailer for Deadpool is here. After quite a witty and unorthodox marketing campaign (including a Burt Reynolds inspired first look at the suit, teaser teaser trailer and jacking the Fantas...

Empire Season 2 Trailer

Our guiltiest hip-hop pleasure Empire just dropped a teaser trailer for Season 2. While it is just a glimpse, you can gather that the tag-line "New Money, New Music, New Power" will be the theme running through...
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