Episode six entitled “New Man” opens with PTSD in full effect for Ghost, as he experiences nightmares, flashing back to the murder he committed while he was in prison. Yet, he awakens a free man, albeit an alone one as he realizes Tasha still is not sharing his bed. But it’s time to get back in the saddle, both professionally and personally. He returns to Truth, surrounded by paparazzi to witness the closing notices come down, feels like he’s reclaimed his home and there is a brief moment of satisfaction, when in saunters Simon Stern with some news. He’s now a creditor – Tasha took the loan – in order to have it forgiven Ghost has to enter a new venture with Simon so he can leverage his minority status and obtain a business loan and tax breaks. If that weren’t enough, Teresi is blowing up his phone for the meet up with Tommy. With days like this, Ghost may feel like he was better off in the clink.

In Kanan’s world he’s getting pressure from his partners to get the kidnapping ransom, but Kanan’s having a tough time getting to Ghost with all the paparazzi and Federal marshals around him at the club. Meanwhile, Tommy takes the road trip to Chicago, as requested and looks to reassure his superiors everything is on lock, only to learn that they want Ghost out of the operation – for good, but Ghost’s exit comes with upside, they are expanding to Los Angeles and want Tommy to run both coasts. After the positive developments Tommy is ready to head back to New York, but his boss insists he stay in Chicago to “celebrate.” Yeah, doesn’t feel right to us either.

Back in NYC, Julio is working distro and trying to get to Tommy to let him know about Kanan and lets Dre know he’s on to him. Dre tries to talk him down and offers a new deal for more money with Cristobal. Julio falls for it and they agree to meet up later to discuss terms. Damn Dre’s good. Dre meets with Cristobal to set up Julio – he’s officially a marked man. When Julio shows to “meet Dre”, his fellow Toros Locos members are there. Julio goes down fighting taking out two of three goons, but ultimately meets his demise (shout out to J.R. Ramirez you will be missed)

After his run in with Stern, Ghost returns home and grills Tasha on the loan. Distrust is in the air, which they admit, but neither has any other choice. Back in Chicago Tommy’s forced celebration with his superiors goes south fast when he gets drunk and brags about killing Milan. Turns out that hit was not authorized by his superiors and he ends up getting pistol whipped and thrown in a trunk. He awakens in a field with Petar and realizes Petar set him up. He drops dime, telling his captors Petar told him the hit was authorized and he was even there for it. When Tatiana strolls in, memba her from last season – Milan’s old flame. She drops Tommy’s name in a foreign language, so he thinks for sure it’s a wrap, when instead Petar gets the bullet. Tommy lives to see another day. On the way home, he makes a pit stop, to Holly’s old house. He takes out her pedophile Uncle. That’s one hell of road trip!

Back in NYC, Kanan rolls up on Ghost, they are finally face to face. Ghost just looks shook. Yep, Kanan’s alive and he’ s got Tariq. The only way Tariq lives is to pay a ransom. Ghost lets him know he’s fresh out and strapped for cash. According to Kanan, that’s not his problem. The only way to get the cash is to rob one of Tommy’s stash houses. They team up and get the job done, just like old times. Makes you wonder how effective they may have been as a team back in the day.

After the cash pickup, they head to retrieve Tariq. As they drive into the woods you just feel Ghost is gonna buy the farm, but Kanan pulls a switcheroo. Turns out he doesn’t trust Jukebox and his other partners, not sure if they are setting him up. So he gives Ghost a gun so they can defend themselves proper. Jukebox makes Kanan and Ghost lay it all on the line to Tariq, who finally realizes he’s been played for cash the whole time. Hearing enough Kanan takes Jukebox out when she drops her guard. Kanan grabs the cash and exits stage left, but rest assured, it’s not the last we’ve seen of him.

Episode Highlights

Simon Stern’s response to Ghost when asked why he wants him as a partner:
“Diversity is all the rage these days James no…”

Tasha’s response when Ghost says it’s over with Angela and they should try again:
“I just watched that bitch blow up her whole life in court so you could walk.”

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