Mayans M.C. accomplishes something it has yet to do; open an episode in the quietest yet, most impactful of ways. Episode 9, entitled “Serpiente/Chikchan” opens with the Reyes brothers in jail. It seems that driving around with the body of Coco’s mother is not wisest of moves and mere bait for our favorite eccentric ADA Potter, who pays a visit. Potter drops dime on EZ to Angel about his deal with the DEA and all the atrocities that could befall EZ if word get out. Angel is pissed but keeps it together. Potter offers a deal. He assures them they won’t have to do anything they haven’t done before and EZ’s deal will never come to light as long as they essentially do Potter’s bidding from here on out. Oh, and Potter informs them they are free to go but Potter will hold on to the dead body… just in case EZ and Angel change their mind. And so opens Serpiente/Chikchan.

In cartel-land Miguel and Emily explain their strategy of double crossing the Feds by partnering with the rebels to Devante. He’s not on board. “We’re not Pablo Escobar,” is his takeaway. Emily urges Miguel to trust his instincts.

Post lock up, EZ and his dad Felipe have a heart to heart and Felipe urges him that it’s ok. Getting into bed with the DEA is never a good idea. According to Felipe “Si no toman tu vida, toman tu alma.” Yet EZ is still struggling. Cue to Angel in the tunnels to Mexico, presumably to meet up with Adelita at the rebel camp, to warn them the DOJ is on to them. He arrives o discover the camp abandoned. Angel returns to the club and still gives EZ the cold shoulder. Everyone gets last minute word that they have a meet up with Galindo at the casino.

At the meet up, it’s clear Emily is Miguel’s new #2 and Devante – well not so much. Miguel downloads the events of the raid and what that he plans to  partner with…wait for it – Adelita who enters the room on cue. For the first time, all the warring factions are in the same room and will be partnering against the U.S. government! A peace treaty is not only arranged, but a partnership formed. Miguel’s pitch to the Mayans’ – “You’ll go from the loading dock to the board room. A trustee to keep all parties honest.” Saaaay whaat?!?! We then get to watch some awkward introductions given that Angel, EZ, Coco and Adelita all know each other all too well.

Emily and EZ have an impromptu meet up at the end where Emily puts it to him: she knows about the DEA deal and “if his deal endangers her family in any way….well don’t make me choose EZ”. Is it us or is Emily the new Gemma Teller?

Meanwhile Miguel settles accounts with Devante, exposing him as a liar and traitor. Not making sense? Well Miguel downloads Adelita’s backstory to Devante about Adelita’s father, Felipe and the third friend – the bishop. As it turns out, Devante was the head of the execution squad that killed her father. So, that means, adios Devante. Miguel as he hands Adelita a machete to do the deed, indicates that his family’s debt is now paid and there must be unshakable trust, to which Adelita agrees. Oh and the bishop, he’s being taken care of as well. Turns out Adelita is the biggest gangster of them all.

Fittingly enough the episode ends with the Reyes men. Felipe burns the photo of him, Adelita’s father, the bishop and Devante. Truly symbolic of the closure that group deserves. Angel invites EZ to join the club and enjoy some female company and new ink the members are about to receive. But after the fun and games, another heart to heart ensues between Angel and EZ. “You’re my brother and I love you. Let’s get this done, but after you have to walk away from the club.” His reasoning?  “So you never forget what you did – how you betrayed me.” Heavy! And it doesn’t lighten up, as ADA Potter calls the brothers with their first task – kill Agent Jimenez. Super-heavy!

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