After months of hype, Sergio Martinez got his moment in the spotlight and defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., by unanimous decision. But it was not without a scare, as Chavez Jr. nearly knocked out Martinez in the final round.

Out boxed and Out worked

From the opening of the fight up to round 11, Sergio Martinez looked, nothing short of the
“Maravilla” nickname he wears. He consistently out boxed Chavez Jr., by demonstrating superior speed, constant movement, and punching from a variety of angles. Chavez Jr. never seemed to get going or let his hands loose so he could launch his own offensive threat. Rather he appeared to simply follow his opponent around the ring and get peppered with shots all night. When Chavez Jr. did land punches, Maravilla always countered with several of his own, as if to send the message that he would remain in control of the pace of the fight.

History Almost Repeats Itself

Comfortably ahead on all score cards by the last round Chavez Jr. needed a knockout to win. He almost delivered. In the last round, which may earn “round of the year” honors, Chavez Jr. stepped up the pace and with just over a minute left in the round he connected with a right that visibly dazed Martinez and floored him. Though Martinez would get up Chavez Jr. was now in hot pursuit and appeared to floor Martinez once more, but it was ruled a slip. It harkened back images of what his father accomplished a little over 20 years ago when behind on all scorecards he knocked out Meldrick Taylor with only seconds left in the final round. Would history repeat itself? It was not to be as Martinez rose to his feet and finished the fight.

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