Just when you think this season couldn’t get any darker…Power writers are like, “Hold my beer.” This season had so many twists and turns it was hard to keep up with who’s on whose side. Let’s talk about the season finale of Power, shall we!

A Race Against Time

After the last episode, Angela had 24 hours to prove was innocent and not part of Ghost’s crime family. Tommy deals with the pain of killing his father with his favorite White girl…COKE!! Tasha finally starts taking apart Raina’s room, and Ghost is being Ghost. Until they all get a text from Angela who wants to meet up.

They meet back in their old high school. Angela explains the RICO case and how she is an accessory to their crimes. At the same time, Saxe is mounting his own case against Angela with the help of Mak and Tasha’s bae Terry Silver in tow. Now the shakedown really begins. Dre is attacked by some Jimenez hitters, Mak shakes down Tate and Saxe goes after Keisha to try and get her to flip on Tommy. All hell is about to break loose.

After his attack, Dre decides to meet with Angela to broker his WISCO deal. As long as he blames the Jimenez’s for the killing of Sandoval he’ll be good. Terry shows up like a high school stalker at Tasha’s hotel to try to get her to flip on Ghost, and trying to get her to divorce him before the shit hits the fan! Sneaky, sneaky Terry.

Proctor shows up to Truth to explain what’s going on and that Terry is back in the mix. Ghost kinda brushes that off in the moment as he meets with Tate at the Queens Center groundbreaking. Ghost and Tasha try to keep up the appearance of happy married couple, but Ghost does confront her about Terry. Can we say drama?!

Meanwhile Keisha is back at Tommy’s place after he dissed her when he was on his coke bender. Tommy question Keisha about whether she’s really in his corner (as he slowly pulls a gun from under the cushions ). Thankfully, Keisha is in Tommy’s corner (WHEW!!!) so the love fest is back.

Dre is meeting with 2-BIT to tell him that he is a snitch for what’s going down with Angela – Ghost 2.0 you are not. But after that 2-BIT meets with Tommy to drop a dime on Dre. As Dre is supposed to meet with Angela for pick up, he quickly finds out it’s a trap that leads to an epic shoot out. Dre is saved by the hair of his teeth by Agent Tampio who is working with Angela.

Saxe finds Mak packing up his office since Mak is off to D.C. to take that job Angela recommended him for. This leaves Saxe on his own. Now on his own, Saxe visits Tommy, he plays the tape of Teresi for Tommy and he hears how he wasn’t going to snitch on Tommy and blame it all on Ghost. This shows the love his Dad had for him…oh well. This puts Tommy all in his feelings about Ghost.

Angela gets an uncalled list from Tasha to confront her about Terry but quickly turns into a threesome when Tommy shows up with murder on his mind. Tasha talks Tommy off the ledge after Angela convinces them that she is still on their side.

With only a few hours left, Proctor visits Ghost to tell him that they have a witness which Proctor thinks is Angela. Angela and Ghost meet up back at the high school where Ghost confronts her about being the witness which he learns she isn’t. As Ghost and Angela make up, and make out, she notices a figure ready to shoot Ghost…then BLAM! Straight to the chest, the shot goes. Ghost holds the bloody Angela just to look up and see it was Tommy who did the hit!

WOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!What a cliffhanger of a season. Is she dead? Is Ghost going to full HAM on Tommy and put all that “Brother” shit aside? Where is Terry? I guess we have to wait until next year to find out. Thank you all for following this season with me and come back next year to get all the those question answered.

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