Warning: This post contains major spoilers from Power‘s Season 6 premiere.

Hola Mi Gente!!! We are back for the final season of Power. There is too much to talk about, so let skip all the pleasantries and jump right to it!

The Loss of Love

Power Season 6, starts right where Season 5 left off. Angela is rushed to the hospital (from that gunshot heard around the world) and Ghost is in tow. As Ghost is getting the third degree from the police at the hospital, we see Tommy rushing all over to cover his tracks. His main play is to ask Tasha for an alibi. This puts Tasha in a corner, when Tommy confesses to her that he was really going after Ghost, but killing Angela was a bonus.

Back at the hospital, Angela is pronounced dead. Ghost goes straight into full on “search and destroy” mode and Tommy is his target. Back at the D.A.’s offices, word has spread of Angela’s death. Cooper Saxe decides to put on his big boy pants and makes the declaration to put Ghost in jail.

Battle Royale

Tommy arrives home to an unwanted visitor – Ghost and his fists. As the two fight like schoolboys in the yard, they are interrupted by Tariq. Damn!!! Does this kid ever go to school? After a very disrespectful exchange between Ghost and Tariq (Ghost should have pulled out that belt!!!), Tariq ask Tommy for a favor, but Tommy has to pause in that and meet up with his connect Jason. Across town, after a short guilt session with Proctor, Saxe returns to find he has a new boss – Jacob Warner. In order to try to keep his job Saxe explains his involvement and how he can get Ghost via Proctor. Warner is open to it but warns Saxe that if he messes this up that it will be his ass!

Damage Control

Tommy meets with Jason, while Tasha is playing Nancy Drew and searching for Terry Silver. Tommy is questioned by Jason about his operation and the problems with Ghost. Tommy plays it cool, convincing him that everything is OK and that he is open for business with his new, revamped crew. Jason does not buy it, but still takes Tommy’s money for the next shipment. Meanwhile Tasha meets up with Ghost at Truth. They discuss Tariq, Tommy trying to kill him and Angela’s death. In a move that is the height of stupidity, Ghost tells Tasha he just lost the woman he loves. Yes – he says this to his wife and mother of his children. Except that Tasha gives as good as she gets. At the end of their convo she tells Fanstasma that she wants a divorce. FINALLY!!!!! About 5 seasons too late, but who’s counting?

Proctor and Ghost meet up to talk and try to convince Ghost to get ahead of the Angela situation by talking to the Feds to clear his name. Ghost agrees but won’t give up Tommy. He’s going to handle that himself. Back at Tommy’s HQ, Tommy is confronted by his crew – how come all the supply issues? Poncho is especially pissed and calls out Tommy. It’s definitely not a good time to piss Tommy off. Tommy takes Poncho out without batting an eye. R.I.P. Poncho!

Meet You at the Crossroads?

Cut to Tommy and Tariq on a city rooftop with the remains of Kanan. Tariq tries to figure out what to say. Tommy plays “Crossroads” by Bone, Thugs & Harmony. You can imagine the confused look on Tariq’s face…that song is just too old school for him. Tommy takes a little of Kanan’s ashes and spreads them on his blunt. As Tariq releases the rest to the wind.,Tommy lights it up. They have a heart to heart about Ghost and the situation between him and Tommy and the rest of the family. The conclusion? Ghost is only out for one thing – Ghost.

The Walls Are Closing In

As Tasha drives Tariq back to school, she breaks down that she’s getting a divorce from Ghost and that Angela is dead. In true Tariq fashion he stays cold…like ice. As annoying as the kid can be, he does have ice water in them veins. Later as Tasha is having dinner with her mother she tells her she is divorcing Ghost. She also shares that she is out to take Ghost down. We then cue to Angela’s sister Paz, who agrees to give Saxe the right to perform an autopsy on Angela. The forces against Ghost are beginning to grow.

Ghost himself is sitting outside of the warehouse area where Jason and Tommy are arranging a pick up. In full “Call of Duty” mode, Ghost sees Tommy’s Mustang pull up and fires until the clip is empty.  Jason and Tommy look upon the shot-up car. Jason set this up to prove to Tommy he has a Ghost problem.

The episode ends with Tommy going to Keisha’s apartment and Ghost going to Angela’s place. After seeing how shook Tommy is Kiesha steps up and becomes the ultimate ride or die chick. Meanwhile, Ghost takes a final stroll through Angela’s apartment. He’s reminded of the love that he lost. As he leaves he says one last “sorry” to Angela.

Whew!!! Emotions are running high on  the Power Season 6 premiere. It seems like it’s going to be an all-out war. Who will be around after the smoke clears? Will Ghost and Tommy make-up? Or is the blood on their hands too much? Well let’s all stay tuned to this craziness. See ya next week!!!

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