The Spider-Man web of lies and deception are coming apart quick for Ghost, Angela and Tommy. Well with that, let’s get into the meat of this Episode 9 of Power “There’s a Snitch Among Us.”

Family Ties

We start off at the penthouse with Ghost, Tasha and Tommy yelling at each other over the way the Kanan plan went down. Ghost is pissed that Tasha went behind his back – even though he does this ALL the time – because it almost got Tariq killed. Tariq pops out of his room telling them that “I did it so you could win!” Then he tells Ghost that he was the only one that cared about Kanan. Which we all know got Ghost’s blood boiling. Ghost walks Tariq to the train and tries to explain all the things he didn’t have growing up and why Tariq needs to focus on the books. All that went in one ear and out the other cause Tariq tells Ghost, in his best peewee gangsta voice, “Teach me the muthafucking game.. Ghost.” Ok Side Note: we must know by now that Ghost and Tasha are on some new age parent shyt cause my mom would have smacked fire outta me if I ever said something like that! But Ghost replies with, “I’d rather kill you then let you live that life!!” As soon a Ghost leaves Tariq skips going back to school to take up a meeting with Vincent. Tariq is looking to take over pushing weight for Vincent since Kanan is dead. We have a very Bronx Tale moment but Vincent agrees thus securing the start of his own lil’ empire. Not only does he get the ok to start but Tariq gets a fake ID and uses it to pick up the ashes of his mentor/father figure Kanan proving Tariq has turned to the dark side.

A Father’s Love, A Sons Disappointment

Tommy and Keshia have a little heart-to-heart about her role in the Kanan case. She is worried about having to do it again, but Tommy says she might if they stay together. Keshia said she would if it came to him. All I can say is that stroke must be STRONG!!!

Tommy, Teresi and Sammy are having some issues with the recent prison shipments. One of Sammy’s guys tells them that some of their trucks have been singled out recently. This causes Tommy, Sammy and Joey to go at each other on who the snitch is that’s causing problems. Teresi calms everybody for the moment, but Sammy’s braciole senses says something ain’t right.

Later we find Tommy and Teresi at the drug warehouse. Tommy, just like a little kid, shows Teresi the whole operation. As the tour continues Ghosts’ name comes up, and just the like the movie Candyman when you say his name, Ghost appears. Jamie is there to question Tommy about Teresi and his loyalty to him. Teresi leaves, Ghost goes on to tell Tommy to worry about Teresi but Tommy can’t hear Ghost because all that fatherly love he’s basking in. Next we see Teresi and Sammy where he bring up his concerns about Tommy being a snitch. Sammy feels that they should give Tommy to the Feds. Surprisingly Teresi agrees stating if they frame Tommy and Ghost for the Sandoval prison hit, they can take over Tommy’s business while he rots in jail. Teresi later gets a call from Saxe and Mak looking for info. Teresi talks about the Sandoval hit and how Ghost made the call for the hit but Tommy had nothing to do with it. Sammy shows up and hears all this. Seeing that his friend has gone soft he goes into a rage. Tommy shows up in the middle of this fight. With that distraction, Teresi takes the opportunity to stab his best friend in the stomach killing him.

Vincent later calls Tommy in for a sit down but not for the reasons you may think (moving product), but about rats. Vincent shows Tommy the candid pictures of Teresi talking to Saxe and Mak. This is where Vincent gives Tommy the ultimatum: kill Teresi or spend life behind bars. Tommy picks up Teresi to go see Connie in the hospice. The two have a deep conversation on how Teresi got out of jail. In talking, Teresi figures out that Tommy knows he’s been talking to the Feds. Teresi visits Connie and tells her the truth on what is happening, says his final goodbye and heads back to Tommy. As Tommy is driving, Teresi ask if they are going to Vincent’s. Tommy replies “No,I’m taking you home.” Once back at Teresi’s house, Tommy does the deed and leaves Teresi dead body on the family burial plot.

Blood in the Water

Angela continues her case against the Jimenez’s while Saxe and Mak approach Proctor about wearing a wire.  Proctor’s reply- “Are you smoking crack?” But he gets strongarmed anyway with the fear of losing his daughter looming over him. Meanwhile, Angela uses the info that she got from Dre to make a raid on Alicia Jimenez while she’s in the middle of a thing with Cristobal. Angela makes the biggest case of her career in getting Jimenez and should be feeling good, yet peeps Saxe and Mak up to no good. She sneaks in to find pics of them talking to Teresi. Angela plays big boss with Mak in giving up the CI name which he does easily. Its a trap! Angela bring the pictures to Ghost, who brings them to Vincent, who shows Tommy…and we all know how that ended. Saxe and Mak meet with Proctor to give him the wire before meeting with Ghost. As Proctor and Ghost are talking Proctor informs him that he is wearing a wire. They then play the game of every guilty felon – “I don’t know nothing about anything.” Proctor then disconnects the wire and Ghost goes full HAM on him, but Proctor breaks it down and explains the Feds are going hard after Angela and it will come down to her or him.

Angela is later brought into a meeting where her biggest nightmare has come true. A giant white board connects her to Ghost and Tommy and the whole organization. They are going to charge her with conspiracy, now she has to make a for Ghost or life behind bars??

Tune in next week for the season finale. We find out, who’s going to die? Who’s going to jail? Are Ghost and Angela finally going to get away scot free? Is Tommy going to kill everybody? And the answer to the biggest question…who has been watching Tasha and Keshia’s kids?? See ya next week people.

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