Chiseled chest, bulging biceps and six pack abs. Yeah, we all see and hear these bandied about in ad campaigns, movies and television as what turns women on, but guess what fellas? Its not always so clear-cut, there are actually other bits that get her hotter than a NYC subway platform in July. Here are the body parts women find the sexiest about you, gentlemen!

Facial Hair

The first time I met my boyfriend, Dave, I noticed his full head of hair and neatly kept facial hair. He’ll do just fine, I thought as he walked over to me. We kissed on the cheek, as is customary for Latinos when greeting, and the fine hair on his beard graced my right cheek. I felt my stomach do a somersault, tried not to blush and managed to keep my composure. You see, fellas, there’s something about a man with facial hair that makes me (and a lot of other women) quiver.
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Broad Back and Shoulders

Okay so this one falls into the cliché category, but clichés or cliché for a reason! The broader the shoulders the more likely he’ll have your back; that’s what some women believe. “It serves as that sense of protection,” said Eileen, 37, from Queens, New York. She, among many women, love it when a man with broad shoulders and back go in for a hug. “When a man like that wraps their arms around me, I feel safe,” Jessica, 31, from Brooklyn, New York admitted, “and when he can lift me…ooh!” Time to get out the fan.

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