October 30, 2020

Clean Yet Manly Hands

Women want men to feel like men, and that includes having rough hands. “Calloused to show he’s not afraid of work,” said Provy, 51, from Caldwell, New Jersey. Maria, 46, from Brooklyn, New York agrees. She likes “masculine hands, kind of dry and rough,” almost like the Marlboro Man’s. Alicia, 34, from Los Angeles, California took it a step further, stating that she adores men who have thick hands. “I can’t date a guy with skinny fingers,” she exclaimed. They are just too dainty for her taste, and dainty hands don’t give a good grip! Yes, women pay attention to the strength of your handshake and your grip. “There is something about a man’s hands when he grips something,” Laiza, 22, from Philadelhia, PA gushed, “how their veins show or there is definition around his wrist…”

Still, men must make sure to take care of their hands. They shouldn’t feel like sandpaper. Also, keep them clean. Few women want to be caressed by dirty fingers – especially down there!
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Thick Thighs

The thicker the thighs, the happier women seem to be. Linda, 40, from Staten Island, New York took one look at her now husband’s thighs and saw…her future! “When I met my husband at the Copa, there were no sparks,” she recalled. “He thought I was from another country and couldn’t speak English, and I was into Jamaicans with dreads!” Thing is he was a clean-cut man who wore slacks. What won her over? What was in those fancy pants! “On our third date, he showed up in these really nice gray pants and woo hoo, the thighs…through the pants…they were thick!” He had her at “thick thighs.”

Supple Lips

And I leave you with lips: another body part that wins women over (me included). Sili, 40, from Orlando, Florida put it ever so poetically. She likes “soft supple lips that you can slowly suckle on as his hands hold you tightly to him.” Makes sense guys, the kiss is the most intimate of interactions, not just up top, but down below. So the lips need to be on point. Now that’s quiver-worthy.



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