The season finale opens with the Reyes men the morning after their discovery. Each seemingly wanting to take ownership for the family tragedy. Then word comes down to Angel and EZ that Riz has died. We get a sharp cut to Adelita as she gives birth to her and Angel’s child. And so, opens the final episode of Season Two, aptly titled “Hunahpu”, the name for one of the two Mayan hero twins in one of the oldest Mayan mythologies. The other Xbalanque, was the title of the opening episode. No stretch to say this represents EZ and Angel. 

The Aftermath

The club has gathered to console Riz’s family as well as one another. In an ironic turn it is Taza who literally comforts Riz widow. However, things quickly turn to business as the Stockton Mayans members indicate nothing has changed. Bishop sternly disagrees. They take it to the table, letting Bishop know that Vatos Malditos are willing to cut the Mayans out of the gun deal entirely. The Stockton members warn Bishop, being cut out would shatter unity and thus the club. Bishop asks that they keep this quiet until he knows more. Coco knows something ain’t right – and wants an eye for an eye.

Emily pays a visit to Eliana to find out she’s leaving town. She also meets up with EZ. It’s an awkward encounter given what they now know about Dita. However, Emily drops EZ the Potter intel. In return she asks that nothing happen to Miguel. EZ takes the information to Angel and puts a choice to him. Use the intel to save Felipe or Adelita?

Angel decides to use it to help his father. Before the Potter meet up he and EZ have a heart to heart over his decision. Given what occurred the last time they tried to help Adelita, there exists the possibility the intel was used to free Adelita she’d send them back again. Potter shows up and is as smug as can be. Angel and EZ then drop the intel bomb. Potter looooossssses it. “A momentary flash of passion” Potter notes. Yet, the intel is effective. EZ tells him Ignacio Cortina never existed. Then Potter will enter Felipe and Marisol Reyes in the CIA database as American citizens. Make it happen in 24 hours. Or the DOJ gets the intel. Super gangster EZ.  Your move Potter!

Dita’s Deed

Felipe visits, Dita who senses something is up. Felipe gets straight to it – why did you hire someone to kill he and Marisol? Dita recounts the night she saw Marisol and Felipe. It was mostly about Miguel, she couldn’t lose him. “He was now in your back yard and I feared he would try and connect.” Yet, it was also about Marisol, as she admits she was enraged at the sight and, she feared Felipe would also share news of Miguel with Marisol. She then asks that Felipe be the one to take her life.

Vatos Malditos

Bishop pays a visit to the Vatos as he promised Stockton. It’s a cryptic meet up all we see is what looks like an amicable end result. Something is amiss though. Bishop returns to the MC and informs the club where he was at. He calls them all to the table. A double cross is at play, we just don’t know in what form.

All Debts Will Be Settled & A Twist

EZ and Angel return to Felipe who lets them know Dita confessed and wants to die.  And wants Felipe to do the deed. Felipe urges Angel and EZ to leave and let him handle it. Felipe meets Dita, who summoned EZ and Angel. She wants one of the Reyes men to do it. EZ volunteers. As he is about to Dita begins a prayer. When she finishes they meet eye to eye as EZ chokes Dita to death.

We cue to the club at the table. The club votes.  EZ is no longer a Prospect, but a full member of the Mayans. EZ is asked to take off the cut. Place it on the table. Taza places patches on it. Bishop says congratulations Ezekiel “welcome to the tribe”.  Angel adds “It’s not what I wanted for you, but there’s no one else I’d rather have by my side.”

Over at the Galindo’s things are not as pleasant. Miguel, Emily and Alvarez discover Dita’s clues, her body and motorcycle tracks.

Finally, we see the Mayans on the road. They raid the Vatos Malditos headquarters and take out the entire club. Save for the club President Palo. At the raid, Angel gets word from Potter, his “son” was born. Potter is sure to use this as leverage against Angel and is clear as can be about it.  At the conclusion of the raid, the Mayans discover a dead Sons of Anarchy member. And so, ends “Hunahpu”

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